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Raising a child is a challenging but exciting process. How to be a conscious parent and manage to do everything? How to become your child's best friend, mentor, and role model? If you ask these questions, if you can’t find a common language with your child, then our course is just what you need!

The acquired skills will help you to develop and raise your child, who, with the right approach, will grow up healthy, confident and happy. You will learn what affects the development of a child's intellect, how to understand your children and gain their trust. Also, you will learn the basic principles of parenting and how to maintain discipline in the family. We will show you the basics of planning that will help you pay enough attention to your family and yourself. You will understand how to interact with your children and teach them to be independent. The most important thing is participating in all areas of your kids’ life and paying attention to everything that happens in it.

If your dream is a strong and trusting relationship with your children, then you will definitely fulfill it with the help of our course!

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You will learn how to develop a child's intelligence and what influences it You will understand how to find a common language with your child and raise a happy kid You will study methods of organizing games with children You will learn how to apply the principles of harmonious parenting You will learn how to maintain discipline and comfort in your family You will be able to stop manipulations of your child You will learn how to cope with stress in difficult situations You will find out how to help your child to be independent You will master the ways of responding to baby tantrums You will learn how to manage your work and family life

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