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Everybody has 24 hours in a day, which they manage based on their tasks, desires and interests. They can use this time to effectively achieve goals or simply waste it. It all depends on a person. Yet, the time management techniques you will learn in this online course will help you make the most of your time!

You will find out more about fixed, flexible, and budgetable tasks, and figure out how to fit these three types of tasks into your daily schedule. We will teach you the rules of time budgeting and the fixed-flexible scheduling algorithm. Furthermore, you will see how to determine the time budget in your schedule for various types of tasks. You will learn to prioritise using the three-question technique, pairwise comparison, the Eisenhower matrix, and multi-criteria assessment. Time management will help you get more things done and be less tired at the same time. You will get the opportunity to become a more productive and happier person. After all, time management is not only about work tasks, but also organising your life.

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Learn about effective self-tuning techniques Learn how time management helps in organising time for work and personal life Be able to maintain a balance between efficient work and rest Study time management techniques that can free up to 50% of your time Find your "time wasters" and learn how to manage them Set your goals and focus on them Learn how to plan and schedule effectively Find out how to prioritize Discover how to plan things in context Realise how to plan long-term tasks

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