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Do you dream of another life? For example, about the income of $ 100,000, about 50 new customers, or about a new office in the center of New York. Do not waste time on these fantasies, but act! Our course will help you unlock your sales potential and understand how to take the first step towards success.

The course is designed specifically for network marketing distributors who intend to realize their natural talent and open new career horizons.

In the process of training, you will learn how to become a sales champion in MLM. You will be told how to form, train and lead a team. You'll learn leadership thinking and different forms of sales: online, at events, and in in-person meetings.

Part of the course we will devote to the promotion and business automation, and at the end, we will discuss the formula for success in MLM. It will help you cultivate a leader and turn other distributors into leaders.

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You will learn the rules of a successful MLM seller You will learn how to identify future leaders in the team, and what they should be taught You will learn 6 steps to become a leader in network marketing You will receive 9 recommendations to improve your sales funnel You will study how to conduct a network business on the Internet You will explore strategies to promote your business on Instagram and Facebook You will learn how to attract customers through events You will receive recommendations for successful webinars You will get acquainted with automation systems and learn how to configure a bot in Facebook Messenger You will learn the formula for success in network marketing

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